Welcome to the definitive electronic catalogue of Canadian Boy Scout Memorabilia. It is our mission to compile the most complete and authoritative virtual collection of official issue badges, uniforms, books, etc., from 1908 to today.

Obviously, this daunting task is a non-stop work in progress, with continuous updates as new items are found and submitted, or as our research provides more detailed and accurate descriptions.  For your convenience we will be posting all updates and major additions in our "Forum" message board.

Please visit us often - it is our hope that you will find it interesting and informative.


Scoutalog.com is sponsored and maintained by the Scout Memorabilia Collectors of Canada.  This volunteer group of Scouting enthusiasts, each with their own area of expertise, has provided not only the monetary and programming support, but has also contributed all of the scanned images and detailed histories of little known items.

You will find a complete list of contributors on a following page titled, logically enough, "Contributors".   We encourage everyone to get involved by submitting scans, digital photos or information via the following, don't tell me, "Submit" page.

At this time we wish to acknowledge ReadyHosting.com for agreeing to be the Web Host for this site.   We can not thank them enough for their generous support.


Due to the sheer enormity of the number of official Boy Scout items over the last 90 plus years, we have had to force ourselves to start conservatively and build gradually.   Our plan is to have all of the proficiency and rank badges & insignia entered by the end of this year.  However, we realize that this page will never be complete, with new items or variations being discovered constantly.

To be realistic we have also had to limit the scope of the catalogue to official issue Boy Scout of Canada items only.  This means that many generic Scout Shop and "Folk Art" items have had to be omitted.   We have also chosen to omit Regional, District and Jamboree badges, as there are many excellent resource publications already available, particularly through the Badgers Club - Canadian Chapter.

You will also notice that no effort has been made to turn this into a price guide. Unfortunately, memorabilia pricing is very fluid and quite subjective, and often gets in the way of the pure joy of collecting.

The "Catalogue" is divided into six major categories.   Each one is further divided into specific sub-categories; i.e., by scouting section.   Individual items will have a photo, scan or diagram (based on availability), a brief description and the approximate years in use, when applicable.  All items have an enhanced image available for greater detail.  Simply click on the 'thumbnail' image to view the enlargement.  We also have a "Search" engine for those who are interested in a specific item.

Finally, we anticipate that this catalogue will generate a lot of questions, and likely some controversy.  You will find a "Question Forum" to post all questions and comments.  Please remember that a Scout is kind and considerate.  In addition, we will be posting notice of major additions and updates on the Forum so make sure that you check this feature on a regular basis.


Unfortunately, we must repeat that this is not an official Scouts Canada web site and that all information presented is for reference purposes only and is not to be used by any business or individual for profit.   The name Scouts Canada and many of the items presented are registered trade marks of the Boys Scouts of Canada.  We believe the information presented to be true and accurate; however, no liability will be assumed by the Webmaster or any of the contributors for errors or omissions.


Now, we welcome you to enter and view this pictorial history of Scouting in Canada. We hope you enjoy the experience and learn a little of the tradition which is Scouting. Most importantly,

Let's Have Some FUN !!


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