This extensive catalogue is the result of a collaboration between a large number of Scouting memorabilia collectors and enthusiasts, all volunteers (see "Contributors" page).   I would humbly say that we have had some of Canada's premiere authorities submit samples from their extensive collections and we have all benefited from their depth of knowledge.

However, any collector, no matter how experienced, will be quick to point out that every day something new is found or learned.

If you have in your possession an item, or variation, which is not shown or listed here, please do not hesitate to submit it for inclusion.  Alternately, if you feel that you have more detailed or accurate information on any item listed, we would be interested in hearing from you.  Note that we also realize that not all of our photos may be of the highest quality and are always on the look out for better copies.

If you feel you can help and would like to contribute, please contact us at:

Be sure to include a photo and detailed description of your item and, if at all possible, a detail of the reference documentation or historical background used to determine the item's age, usage, etc.

Thank you.