Canada's three major Scouting Collector's Clubs have formed a service to assist families who wish to respectfully recycle the collections amassed/collected by former Scouts and Scouters who have "gone home" (passed away). The three clubs have appointed contact persons to assist families with the transition. The three club contacts will serve as a vehicle to assisting the family achieve their wishes regarding the material. There is no obligation to the family and their wishes (donate to a museum, sell/auction as a unit, sell/auction in parts, other) will be respected. The Laws and Promises of Scouting will govern the contacts and the Clubs.

To obtain the contact information please e-mail the webmaster at . You will be e-mailed the names, addresses and e-mail addresses for the three Club contacts. The three Clubs are:


Canadian Badgers Club

The Canadian Badgers Club members collect area, district, region, provincial, national, jamboree and other badges.

Scouts on Stamps Society International - Maple Leaf Chapter

The Scouts on Stamps Society International collectors club fosters the collection of stamps depicting Scouts and Scouting..

Scout Memorabilia Collectors of Canada

These collectors collect proficiency badges, catalogues, uniforms, flags, trophies, hats, books, manuals, just about everything Scouting.