We are pleased to be able to offer the following additional features to augment the Catalogue.  We hope that you find them useful.

Question & Answer Forum:

This is a very useful feature which we hope you will utilize.   The "Question & Answer Forum" is a message board service dedicated to our club and web site.   It is here where we post page updates and club news, and where members ask questions and hopefully receive valuable answers.   We encourage you to visit it often.

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Search Engine:

As the catalogue gets larger, we realize that it may be a bit cumbersome to locate a specific item.  To this end we have incorporated a search engine to speed up the process.

To search our site, or the internet, for your item:    "Search Now"

Submit Items:

We are very fortunate to have a number of accomplished collectors and experts in the Scouting Memorabilia field as contributors to our site.   We do realize, however, that there are a lot of items which we are missing, and may even have made a mistake or two (it is bound to happen).

We encourage everyone to get involved by submitting scans, digital photos or information via the following page:    "Submit Now"

Recommended Links:

Everyone has their favourite internet sites, and we are no exception.   The following page is a partial listing of related sites which our members have recommended.   We hope that you take the time to visit them.

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