Scout Memorabilia Collectors of Canada




The purpose of the Scout Memorabilia Collectors of Canada  is to educate its membership and the public regarding the heritage of Scouting and Guiding through the collecting and trading of Scouting and Guiding related memorabilia; to sponsor events for the purpose of promoting collecting and trading; to promote ethical conduct; to provide information through publication of a catalogue of memorabilia on the world wide web; and to engage in any other related activities.


Bylaw One


Section 1.    Name


1.       The name of this organization is the Scout Memorabilia Collectors of Canada (hereinafter referred to as the SMCC).


Section 2.    General


In this bylaw


“Member in good standing” means a member who has paid the requisite registration fee and who has no outstanding complaints regarding an infraction of the Code of Ethics against him or her.


“Robert’s Rules of Order” shall mean the rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised, which shall govern the SMCC in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws or any special rules of order the SMCC may adopt.


“Scouts Canada” means Boy Scouts of Canada as incorporated by the Act to Incorporate the Canadian General Council of the Boy Scouts Association, S.C. 1924, c. 130 and any subsequent amendments thereto.


Section 3     Membership


1.       Any person is eligible for membership in the SMCC on or after his 10th birthday.


2.       By applying for and accepting membership in the SMCC, every member of the SMCC agrees to be bound by and will govern himself or herself  in accordance with the SMCC’s Code of Ethics as enumerated in section 4 of this bylaw.


3.       Any person wishing to join the SMCC will pay an initial registration fee. The initial registration fee shall be set annually at the General Meeting.


4.       Members are entitled to attend and vote at the general meeting, to receive a directory of members and to have full access to the Member Services feature of the SMCC website.


5.       Any two or more persons who share a permanent or near-permanent common abode or residence may apply for group membership in the SMCC.  A constituent person of the group membership must be selected by all members of the group to act as the group representative who will vote for and act on behalf of the group.  All persons comprising a group membership will complete a proxy form that has been adopted by the Executive Committee before the group representative may vote for and act on behalf of the group.  All constituent persons who comprise a group membership are jointly and severally responsible for compliance with the SMCC’s Code of Ethics and are jointly and severally liable for any breach of the SMCC’s Code of Ethics. 


6.             (a)  Any member who desires to resign from the SMCC shall submit his resignation in writing to the Secretary-Treasurer who shall present it to the Executive Committee and will record the termination of membership in the minutes of the meeting.


(b)  A member may have his or her membership revoked for any infraction of the Code of Ethics. 


(i)       Any person may provide a signed complaint regarding a member of the SMCC to the Executive Committee.

(ii)      The Executive Committee, upon receipt of the complaint,  will establish a Discipline Committee consisting of not less than three members of the SMCC who are not the complainant or members of the Executive Committee.

(iii)      The Discipline Committee shall investigate the complaint and speak to any person who might have knowledge of the alleged infraction.  When the investigation is complete, the Discipline Committee shall prepare a written report for the Executive Committee and provide a copy to the accused member. The report will include a recommendation for either revocation of membership or that no action be taken. 

(iv)      The accused member shall have an opportunity to respond to the report in writing.  After carefully considering both the report and the response provided by the accused member, the Executive Committee shall decide whether to revoke the membership of the accused member or to do nothing by a motion requiring a two-thirds majority to pass. The President shall inform the accused of the outcome in writing.

(v)      The accused member may appeal the decision to revoke his or her membership to the General Meeting provided that the accused member provides written notice of his or her intent to appeal not less than sixty days prior the General Meeting.  Notice of the appeal and both the written report of the Disciplinary Committee, the written decision of the Executive Committee and any written defence produced by the accused member must be provided to every member not less than thirty days prior to the General Meeting.  The decision of the General Meeting is final.


Section 4     Code of Ethics


The Code of Ethics of the SMCC is as follows:


I accept:


a.       The Aims and Principles of Scouts Canada, the obligations stated in Scouts Canada’s Duty of Care document and know of no reason that I would not be accepted for membership in Scouts Canada if I applied.


I will


b.       Apply the Golden Rule (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you) to all transactions, never trade or sell an item that is known to be a fake or reproduction without disclosing the fact and never knowingly misrepresent an item in any way.

c.       Never consider a trade or a sale complete until all parties are happy.

d.       Never knowingly take advantage of inexperienced individuals and always demonstrate great tact and respect for individual circumstances when acquiring memorabilia from others, particularly but not limited to the family, executors or estate trustees of any deceased person.

e.       Ensure that all items (or proceeds from items) acquired in the name of Scouting or Guiding, remain with or are used for the benefit of the Scouting or Guiding movements.

f.        Respond to all mail including email as soon as possible.

g.       Always follow the rules of an event that apply to trading or sale of items.

h.       Promote good understanding and relationships with all branches of Scouting or Guiding movements and with other Collectors’ associations.

i.        Encourage new collectors.


Section 5     Executive Committee


1.       The Executive Committee consists of the following officers: a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary-Treasurer, a Cataloguer and a Webmaster.


2.       The members the Executive Committee are elected at the General Meeting for a period of one year and are not be limited to the number of terms to which they may be elected.


3.       A member of the Executive Committee may be removed from office for consistently not carrying out assigned responsibilities by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Committee.


Section 6     Responsibilities of the Executive Committee


1.       The Executive Committee is empowered:


a.       To act on behalf of the SMCC  between meetings on all matters pertaining to its business affairs including the acquisition or disposal of materials.


b.       To appoint members to a vacant Executive position between general meetings if vacancies occur.


c.       To rule on all matters related to the Code of Ethics including disciplinary action against a member whose actions, behaviour or activities are deemed to bring discredit or damage to the SMCC.


d.       To make recommendations to the membership regarding the business of the SMCC including such things as the initial registration fee and changes to this bylaw or any other bylaw that the SMCC may from time to time adopt..


e.       To establish special committees for a specific purpose and with a defined time period for the completion of the specified purpose. They may not become permanent committees without approval of the General Meeting.


2.       The duties of individual members of the Executive Committee are as follows:


President - to oversee the bylaw of the SMCC; to organize and chair meetings of the Executive Committee as required; to organize and chair General Meetings.


Vice-President - to assume the responsibilities of the President during absences; to organize and chair a Nominating Committee consisting of at least two members from the general membership who are not members of the Executive Committee.


Secretary-Treasurer - to record the minutes of executive and general meetings; to receive and disburse all funds for the club and to maintain an orderly accounting of funds; to maintain membership lists; to communicate with members on matters related to SMCC news and business.


Cataloguer - to be responsible for the content of the catalogue maintained on the SMCC website; to chair a Cataloguing Committee consisting of members of the SMCC.


Webmaster - to be responsible for the maintenance of the SMCC website.


Section 7     General Meeting


1.       A general meeting will be held annually. Notice will be given of the specific place, date and time of the meeting. The General Meeting will be held annually no less that 305 days and not more than 425 days from the previous general meeting.


2.       All persons are welcome to attend the general meeting but only those members in good standing may vote.


3.       The business of the general meeting includes;


          President’s Report

          Ratification of the actions of the Executive Committee during the past year.

          Election of Officers.

          Membership Report.

          Treasurer’s Report.

          Approval of the initial Registration Fee

          Cataloguer’s Report.

          Webmaster’s Report.

          Old and new business.

          Input from the floor.


4.       All decisions are to be made by a simple majority vote unless it involves an amendment to this bylaw in which case a 3/5 (three-fifths) majority of the cast votes is required.


5.       SMCC members have the right to amend this bylaw at a general meeting provided that at least 70 days prior notice is given.


6.       A total of 10 members including at least two members of the Executive Committee constitutes a quorum.


7.       A special general meeting may be held if requested by the Executive Committee or by at least 10 members in good standing.


Section 8     Other Matters


1.       There is to be a Nominating Committee, chaired by the Vice-President,  consisting of at least two additional members in good standing. The responsibility of the committee is to prepare a proposed slate of officers for presentation to the general meeting. The slate will be distributed to the membership by mail (including e-mail) not less than one month in advance of the general meeting.


2.       The assets of the SMCC can not be transferred to any member except the payment in good faith for services rendered to the SMCC, for goods supplied to the SMCC or for any reasonable out of pocket expenses incurred by members. All such expenditures must be approved by the Executive Committee.


3.       The SMCC is not to be wound up or dissolved except by 3/5 vote of the current membership.  At least 60 days notice of such vote must be given. If this should occur, the assets of the Club will be transferred to a like non-profit organization if such exists and would accept the donation and failing this to Scouts Canada. The members of the SMCC will appoint a person or persons to hold the assets until a recipient is found.


4.       For purposes of an election of officers or amendment to this bylaw, a member in good standing may vote by mail or e-mail directed to the Secretary-Treasurer provided that such vote is received no later than the day prior to the scheduled vote.


5.       The membership list of the SMCC is confidential and may not be sold, lent or otherwise released to non-members for any reason except when required by law.  The membership list will be used only for the business of the SMCC and not for any other purpose.


6.       The headquarters of the SMCC will be located at a place in Canada as the General Meeting may from time to time establish.


Section 9     Effective Date of this Bylaw


1.       The effective date of this bylaw is June 21, 2003.